Story - Old Harry | Quality Knitwear

We are big believers in
doing one thing and doing it right

They say you should start a company that you simply want to exist yourself. So we did.

We created Old Harry to do one thing perfectly; knitwear. 

This dedication means we make sure that all the little details are laboured over and that we design and create products of superior quality.

Our love of knitwear originates from our childhood spent on the British seaside. We spent many happy days wrapped up warm in our parents old vintage jumpers. Whether swimming in the chilly sea or walking on the blustery cliff tops a good quality jumper was a must have. 

Old Harry is named after the rock stack that stands at the end of Studland Bay in Poole in Dorset. The rocks are the namesake of an infamous local pirate called Harry Paye who was famous for adventure and plunder on the high seas. It's said he used to hide his loot among the caves that now bear his name. Some say it's still there - if you look hard enough.