Surfin' UK


Pease Bay, Scotland

This is a good place to start, though being so far north it may be colder than some of the other beaches. The gentle waves here are perfect for anyone starting out, but are still enough fun for those of you who may be more advanced.


Saltburn Beach, England

Situated in the north east, this beach offers a well-loved surf school and waves that break over reefs and alongside the pier. It’s another good beach for beginners and families looking to get in the water.


Benone Strand, Magilligan, Northern Ireland

A nice quiet beach, secluded from strong winds. Home to rolling waves instead of large crashing breakers, it’s the perfect spot to learn without worrying about lots of people watching you fall in.


Freshwater West Beach, Wales

This is a beach with famous waves, and infamous rip tides, so it’s probably best avoided as a beginner. It’s also one of the most consistent big wave spots in Wales, with rollers regularly topping off at over 6 feet... just be sure to keep an eye on those rips.


Fistral Beach, Newquay

Probably the UK’s most famous surf location, Fistral beach is one of the places lucky enough to hold the Pro Tour each year. It’s home to many surf schools so even the beginners can get in here, but it’s also home to the Cribba, which is Cornwall’s best known big wave location. So, if you want to see some world class surfing: get yourself to Cornwall. 

Even if you don’t want to jump on a board yourself, surfing is a great spectator sport, so just sit back on the sand and relax.