Queens of the High Seas


Ahoy me hearties!

Pirate: What image does the word sum up for you? The likes of Henry Morgan or William Kidd? Or the more romanticised versions like Captain Jack Sparrow? 

How about the names Mary Read? Anne Bonny? No? Well they too were pirates. Just as wicked and unforgiving (maybe more so) as their male counterparts…



Born in England, Mary, also known as Mark due to the fact she spent many years hidden behind her manly disguise, was pirating with the best in the Golden Age of Piracy back in the 18th century. She joined forces with the infamous ‘Calico Jack’, real name John Rackham, who was already married to Anne. It was at this time that Mary and Anne Bonny found their connection.



When Anne confessed her feelings for Mary, they both realised the truth behind their disguises. It’s safe to say Mary rather quickly admitted her secret too! A treacherous love triangle between Mary, Anne and Calico Jack was formed.



Their union was short lived due to the renowned pirate hunter Jonathan Barnet. While the pirate crews were doing what they do best – hosting a rum party - Barnet took them by surprise. The majority of the ‘Buccaneer’s’ were ‘3 sheets to the wind’ so fighting back was near impossible and all were arrested and sentenced to hang!



But remember, the pirate code wasn’t all bad…Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum, and if rum doesn’t fix the problem, you’re not drinking enough!