Old Harry’s Top 7 Coastal Sunsets



Everybody loves a sunset, and in our humble opinion, in the UK, we do them as well as anywhere. Between the team though we’ve racked our brains and come up with the following list of places where we’ve witnessed a cracking dusk. We’ve thrown a bit of a curveball here, in that Old Harry is not in the list. That’s because we're sure everyone would have guessed that it’s our favourite spot to take in a sunset (and sunrise for that matter!). We hope you approve of our list and moreover, are able to go and see them for yourselves!



The way the sun sets over the sea at Blackpool is truly spectacular. There’s no better way to take it in than a walk along the pier followed by a trip to Blackpool Pleasure Beach. At this time of year (September) the earliest rides start to close at 5pm (although on Saturdays this is 7pm) so you might be able to capture that sunset from the top of a rollercoaster!



The view at sunset is from the White Cliffs needs to be seen to be believed. Later in the year, you’re likely to find you have the place to yourselves. Take in the views from up on high with the sun setting on your back, or better still, if you’re taking a ferry to Calais, time your ferry so you can catch the sun set over the Cliffs themselves.



Wastwater, Lake District

Although not technically by the sea, anyone who has had the good fortune to visit this amazing body of water nestled deep in the Lake District will know what a magical place it is. There are lots of different accommodation options nearby so that you can go and relax by a warm fire after watching the sunset.


Bournemouth Pier

If we had to choose somewhere aside from Studland to take in the sunset we’d drive down the road and head to Bournemouth Pier. Whilst some British Towns may have a reputation for maintaining an antiquated air, Bournemouth Pier and its surrounds have really moved with the times and there is plenty to do around here before and after heading down to the Pier’s end and watching the sun set to the West.


Humber Bridge 

When it opened, this was the longest single-span suspension bridge in the world, reducing the commute between hull and Grimsby by 50 miles! Capturing the bridge with the sun setting beyond it has been a favourite amongst many a photographer, both amateur and professional.


Crosby Sands

Famed for Anthony Gormley’s ‘Another Place’ artwork of the statues staring out to sea, this huge expanse of seemingly empty beach is a fantastic place to escape from the humdrum of everyday life. There’s a fantastic view of the Welsh Mountains and there’s even a stall to grab a coffee/tea if there’s a bit of chill (which we anticipate there will be!)



Whitstable Beach

Many a fantastic image of the sun setting on the horizon has been captured at Whitstable with the beach groins framing it from below. This is one of our favourite parts of the country for many reasons, the principle one being the amazing seafood on offer here. We recommend heading to Wheelers Oyster Bar after sunset where you can bring your own bottle, with no corkage charge.


Why not let the UK surprise you and head out and enjoy a coastal sunset this Autumn!