Nottingham Riviera


Being over 50 miles away from the nearest seaside resort hasn’t stopped the people of Nottingham from celebrating each summer at their very own Riviera! And they're not the only city to do this, proving that you don’t always have to go to the coast to spend the day at the beach.



Each summer, just in time for the school holidays, Nottingham’s Market Square becomes the Nottingham Riviera. So, faced with the choice of getting up early, packing their squabbling kids into the car and driving for hours, many locals decide instead to simply hop on the tram at their leisure, and head into town.



Once there, they can choose to take part in any number of typical seaside activities; they can play on the beach, build sand castles, paddle in the sea… well ok, pool. They can play in arcades, go on rides and eat far too much sugar, while mum and dad sit in deckchairs on the soft white sand.



Don’t worry though, it’s not all child’s play. For your entertainment the Riviera provides exciting fairground rides and a licensed bar. So, after a hard day shopping, you can put your feet up and relax by the beach, while you’re serenaded by live bands and a nice relaxing drink in hand.



So, while it may not be the seaside break you were hoping for, the Nottingham Riviera is a very convenient alternative.