Why Be Beside The Sea?


Respiratory Benefits  

Back in the day - 18th century and earlier - doctors would recommend that patients go to the beach if they had breathing problems. This is because the fresh sea air contains no pollution and chemicals that you find in cities and towns. 

Researchers also discovered that high amounts of salt in the sea air assist in absorbing water in the respiratory tract that opens up the airways.

Are you an asthma sufferer? Then visit the beach during autumn and winter! At this time the air around the sea contains moisture which is better for you than dry uncomfortable central heating.



Physical Healing

The sea contains both Salt and Potassium Chloride which have healing aspects. This can help with minor cuts and skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.


Skin Bonus

The skin's elasticity, hydration and overall appearance are improved by the magnesium found in seawater. Being in the sun by the sea can also help to dry your skin out and reduce pores and acne.



Mental Wellbeing

The seaside is often associated with calmness and relaxation which is already a great step to mental healthiness.

The lulling of the sea and rhythmic waves can send you into a meditative state and help to clear your mind. This also comes with benefits such as stress reduction and happiness with an improved peace of mind.



Swimming is Exercise!

Swimming in the sea gives you a total body workout! This improves blood circulation as well as boosting your body's immune system.



So why not visit one of the beaches the UK has to offer to feel the sensation of the seaside buzz - otherwise known as thalassotherapy don't you know!